Photonet has been supporting photographers and artists for more than 20 years with unrivalled quality and finishing in printing, scanning and bespoke services.

Photonet is unmatched in bespoke art printing. We go beyond the standard, providing a tailored and personalised service to all clients.

We understand the unique needs of our individual clients. We love printing, and will do everything possible to make sure you get the highest-quality, most faithful reproduction of your digital images.

We can print to traditional Archival paper stock, exotic papers, and other surfaces, like canvas, and reposition-able adhesive textile using only the best in Giclee.

A simple chat with us will give you an understanding of a truly tailored service. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of your needs. Let us guide you through the process.

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Sihl Satin Baryta 290gsm German-made extra smooth satin sheen baryta paper.

MOAB Entrada Rag Natural 295gsm Smooth Textured matte paper of 100% cotton rag content, equally suitable for colour and fine-detailed black-and-white printing

Traditional papers: Hand-made, archival, sustainable. We specialize in printing on a range of beautiful Japanese washi and other exotic papers. A very different look to prints made on western paper. We have a full range : heavily textured, lightly textured, very thin, slight sheen. Our range of exotic papers has been extended to include papers from many parts of the world.


Canvas 4th generation 430 gsm highly flexible canvas with brilliant neutral white surface and US-made acid-free archival base.

Repositionable adhesive textile A versatile printing surface, easily removed from walls and other surfaces – ideal for posters (perfect for rented accommodation) as well as notices, signage etc. Non-archival polyester. (Roll)

Roll paper / canvas printing can be a single print or multiple prints laid out on a length of roll paper/canvas can be more economical than sheet prints Prices per linear metre

SIHL Satin Baryta (satin) paper

Entrada Rag natural (matt) paper

Archival fine weave canvas

44” wide $275

24” wide $175

Sheet paper printing (Prices for printing single image)

SIHL Satin Baryta (satin) paper

Entrada Rag natural (matt) paper

	Qty.			A4		A3+         	   A2
	Single print		$20		$40	  	  $65
	2-5 prints		$18		$38	    	  $63
	6+ prints		$16		$36	   	  $61	

Traditional hand-made papers (sheet sizes vary according to paper type)

			Small	$80		Medium $150		Large $200
Indicative sizes:	45 x 33cm		55 x 44cm		84 x 54cm
		        (19 x 13”)		(22 x 17”)		(32 x 21”)

Digital artwork: Initial consultation free optimizing files for printing and restoration work

$50 per 30 mins.

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